Exclusive VPS for you

Virtual servers with dedicated resources

Exclusive resources for your project, if your hosting has remained you small, this one is your option.


Servers VPS

Total access
Absolute control

Total access to your servant

From our Control Panel you will be able to have monitored in real time your servant, you will be able to reinitiate it, to extinguish it and to reinstate it so many times as you want. In addition, you will be able at any time to contract the administration of your servant so that our specialized technicians are in charge of the correct operation of your servant and you do not have to worry to you don't mention it.

See you with us

Gratuitous migration including

If you already have your virtual servant, our specialistic technicians will be in charge of the complete transfer of your data without no cut on watch during the migration and without loss of information. Consult your doubts to us and an agent will respond enchanted and she will indicate the process to you to follow.

Gratuitous migration
The technology that you like more

in the best platform

It personalizes your virtual servant with the BBDD and programming language that you more like thanks to our platform of high performance based on Xen virtualization and storage with NetApp technology. Connectivity of until 1Gbps in our completely resulted network in several independent operators.

All our servers

they include


Statistics in real time

From your Control Panel you will be able to monitor your servant in real time and to receive by email electronic alert.


Limitless reinstallations

The operating system of your servant reinstates easily from the Control Panel.



If you have several servers engaged with us, ask for one second card to us of network to be able to create a network deprived between all projects.

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