BroadBandMagic in center has lodged own infrastructure of data of Interxion in Street of Albasanz, 71, a center of neutral data processing with certificate TIER3, which guarantees N+1 redundancy in the elements operation critics such as systems of uninterrupted feeding (SAI), generator sets, batteries, cooling systems, etc. The datacenter is connected, by means of an own fiber ring, to backbone of 800 resulted Gbps using equipment MIKROTIK of last generation and, in addition, it tells on multiple carriers external that they are present of neutral way providing guarantees of continuous connectivity to the datacenter.

Main characteristics

Our closets, solution of brand APC, are designed specifically to perform an optimal function in the storage of dedicated server hosting; they count on a surface of 600—1000 mm, a height of 42 units and one lifting capacity of 1300 kg back and front Door of perforated metal and access with key and numerical code to preserve the security of the equipment.

We use strips switched rack PDU of APC of 32 amperes, one by each electrical end (To and B) so that those equipment with double source has guarantee of electrical provision in case of fall of one of the phases.

It is very important to equip to the rooms of the datacenter with a suitable temperature and a humidity for the correct operation of hardware. The superfluous units of great volume of air conditioning of the Schneider Electric brand with Inrow system assure a constant temperature 22
°) and a relative humidity of 50%.
The walls and doors of the enclosure have a fire resistance of a minimum of two hours fulfilling norm RF120. There are multiple smoke detectors and of heat, dispersed by the building and the technical plant of the datacenter, installed in the ceilings. Each of them activates an alarm that alerts so much to the personnel of Interoute, as the personnel of security of the building.

Security and monitoring

The access to the datacenter is controlled by personnel of security 24 hours to the day, 7 days to the week, programmed patrols, cameras of TV by closed circuit, exit and incoming log, as well as control of access in all the doors of security by means of technology RFID. The system maintains a file from the accesses to the different areas with information from doors, people, date, hour, etc.

All the datacenter is watched by means of a closed-circuit television the 24 hours of the day, with the possibility of reviewing the file of each camera through backup copies to disc. The systems of cameras are controlled from the control center of the personnel of security of the building. This structure of control offers a robust and superfluous system to assure integrity the facilities.

Structure of network

BroadBandMagic belongs to the European organism of regulation of directions IP (RIPE) as LIR (Local Internet Register), is for that reason that we have self-sustaining own address, with total independence of the location or the suppliers of connectivity.

Looking Glass

You can verify the quality of our vps web hosting network, one otherwise the outposts of Spain realising the tests as much of Ping, as of Tracert using this form.
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