Housing: Colocation of servers

Your servant dedicated in the cloud with BroadBandMagic

We install your servant dedicated in our datacenter. You will have the best connectivity and stability.



69 /month


To contract
139 /month


To contract
249 /month


To contract

Total access
Absolute control

Total access to your servant

From our Control Panel you will be able to monitor in real time your servant and to realise electrical resumptions. In addition, you will be able to at any time contract the administration of your servant so that our specialized technicians are in charge of the correct operation of your servant and you do not have to worry to you don't mention it.

See you with us

Your servant in the cloud

If or you have your servant, or in your facilities or another supplier, we were in charge of the transfer so that you forget falls of light or Internet. Our technicians will study your case and they will offer the best solution to you so that benefits of all our advantages without worrying to you about anything.

We adapted

Servers rack or tower

If your servant is a tower instead of Rack format, you do not worry, you will be able to add the extra in the shaping one of our products. Also we can study the servant crossing to update you to the last new features in hardware.


in all our plans


Statistics in real time

From your Control Panel you will be able to monitor your servant in real time and to receive by email electronic alert.

Technical support

Technical support

It contacts with our technicians so that they solve any incidence in our network.



If you need any personalisation in your services, consult to us and we will provide the best solution to you.

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