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Discs SSD, advanced, and surely trustworthy Control Panel, technical support to your disposition. The best solution for your needs.


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High speed

High speed

Our lodgings Web are optimized so that you have the best experience and speed of load thanks to the CloudLinux technology. In addition, they have discs SSD of last generation. The 24 hours of the day are monitored and our technicians act less than in 2 hours to solve any problem that can affect to the correct operation of your lodging Web.

See you with us

Gratuitous migration including

If you already have your webpage, you do not pay of more! During the migration, our specialistic technicians will be in charge of the complete transfer of your Web, archives and mail without no cut on watch and loss of information.

Gratuitous migration
More than 100 applications

Only with a click

Thanks to the power of Installatron, you will be able to install with a single click more than 125 applications Web of a simple and fast way. He quickly constructs a professional Web and without previous knowledge. These applications understand from portals to create a complete page to more specific solutions as managers of the news, forums, chats, calendars, galleries of images, stores online, blogs€¦ In addition, Installatron is in charge of the updates.

Specialists in the latest

Still more fast!

Our plans of lodging are optimized so that the most demanding applications (as, for example, a Prestashop with more than 5000 products, or a Wordpress with thousands of entrances) work perfectly, without problems of security and at the greater speed. With BroadBandMagic you will not have any problem.

All our plans

they include

Control Panel

Control Panel

Intuitive simple Control Panel and, so that serves the maximum to your hosting.

Windows or Linux

Windows or Linux

It enjoys the same characteristics in Windows or Linux without it conditions the price to you.

Support SSL

Support SSL

It adds a certificate SSL Let's gratuitous Encrypt or one of our commercial certificates SLL.

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