Policy of cookies

The present policy of cookies tries to provide the necessary information so that any user of the website can decide if he wishes to allow the installation of the cookies used by BroadBandMagic and how to manage them. For this reason, we provided a series of basic slight knowledge whose knowledge we considered essential (what they are the cookies and why they can serve, or how to deactivate them or to erase them) for any user of Internet, and facilitated the identification of our cookies.

The information on the policy of cookies of BroadBandMagic is provided through two layers: first, a €œwarning€ in the footer of the unlimited hosting website, in which it is noticed of the installation of nonexempt cookies €” describing its purpose in case of continuing navigation without modifying the configuration of the navigator and a connection to the present policy is provided so that the user can know with more detail his content and operation, being this one the second layer of information.

Our policy of cookies is public and permanently accessible through connection qualified in the website, denominated €œCookies€, to which the users can accede to stay at any moment informed.

This policy of cookies can be updated at any time, as a result of a normative change or any change in the configuration of the used cookies.

BroadBandMagic can use similar cookies, and other technologies, to store and to recover information of the terminal teams of the users of their websites (in future, denominated €œcookies jointly€).

The cookies are archives or software, envoys to a navigator by means of a Web server, who store information in the team of the user, when acceding or sailing by a website, and allow that it is acceded to this one after his installation. In other words, they are reconnaissance groups that a website installs in its device when it visits it. These devices can contain information on the habits of navigation of the users or of the equipment in which they settle or, even, they can be used to recognize the user.

Types of Cookies

Diverse types of cookies based on the purpose exist for which they are used. BroadBandMagic uses the following types of cookies:

    • Cookies technical: They are those that allow the user navigation through the webpage and the use of the different options or services that exist in this one as, for example, to identify the session, to accede to parts of restricted access, authentication of users, to realise the process of purchase of an order or to share contents through social networks.
    • Cookies analytical: They are those that allow us to realise the pursuit and analysis of the behavior of the users of our website. We use the services of Google Analitycs and Crazy Egg to realise these analyses. The conditions of these services can be consulted in the following directions: Google Analitycs (types of cookies of Google; cookies of Google Analitycs) and Crazy Egg.
    • Cookies advertising: they are those that allow us to manage, of the possible most effective form, the advertising spaces of our website, on the basis of criteria as the published content or the frequency with which are announcements. To this end the service DoubleClick de Google is used, whose conditions can be consulted in the following directions: advertising cookies Google and cookies of DoubleClick.
    • Cookies of remarketing: by means of the insertion of a pixel or it labels registers the visit from the users to our website in order that they appear announcements on our products and/or services in timeline of his social networks (Twitter and/or Facebook). The social networks are in charge of the registry and conservation of the information until a maximum of 90-180 days. The conditions applicable to these services can be consulted in: Twitter and Facebook.
    • Cookies social: They are those that the suppliers of services of social networks can install when the user decides to share a certain content of our website in the social network that operate. The conditions of these services can be consulted in the following directions: Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus/YouTube.

      The cookies that BroadBandMagic uses are anonymous and they do not provide references that allow to deduce personal data of the user. The only nonanonymous cookies €” it is to say, that they allow the identification of the user are those that the user voluntarily activates and, consequently, he authorizes its installation when selecting €œTo remember me during 15 days€ when acceding to the €œArea Client€ of the website. These cookies store the name of user in their terminal equipment, as well as hashdel name of the user and the password, during fifteen days with the exclusive purpose of facilitating the access to the restricted areas to the user without needing introducing the access keys manually every time. In order to know our policy protection of personal character data, it consults our Policy of Privacy.

      Management of Cookies

      The installation of the cookies will take place after obtaining the consent of the users. We consider that we have obtained this consent if the user sails by our website, or if he conducts certain battles that imply the express authorization of the installation of the cookies (p.ej when selecting €œTo remember me during 15 days€ or when registering themselves as BroadBandMagic user).

      If the user wishes to revoke the given consent, he will have to eliminate the installed cookies and to modify the preferences on the acceptance of cookies through the options of his navigator. In order to avoid that they settle in the future will have to activate the options of private navigation or €œDo-Not-Track€ anticipated in its navigator, that is to say, to block or to deactivate the installation of cookies.

      In order to allow, to block or to eliminate the cookies installed in your equipment or device by means of the configuration of the options of the navigator installed in the same, you must follow the instructions provided by the own navigator. Next, we provided the connections to you to form the cookies of the most popular navigators:

      If you use any other navigator or the proportionate connections does not contain the information that you wish, you can locate how to manage the cookies that settle in your equipment acceding to the menu €œOptions€ or €œConfiguration€ or equivalent of the navigator, or, consulting the section of €œHelp€ or €œSupport€ of the own navigator.

      There are navigators who allow to form specific rules to administer the cookies by website, so that the cookies of all the sites safe of those can be disqualified which it trusts.

      In case you wish to deactivate the announcements based on cookies of remarketing, you can use the following connections: Facebook and Twitter. Also, you can form the option €œnot to rake€ in Twitter.

      In order to manage the €œannouncements of Google€ you can use the following connection: It controls your Google announcements. Also, it can be excluded voluntarily from the compilation of information of DoubleClick (Google), Facebook, Twitter and other organizations, through the following connections: networkadvertising.org, youronlinechoices.com and aboutads.info.

      On the other hand, if it does not wish that the code Javascript of Google Analytics collects the data of its visit, can install the complement of incapacitation for navigators of Google Analytics. The complement does not avoid that the information is sent to the affordable dedicated server website or, by other routes, to other services of analytical Web. You can find other options of configuration of the privacy of the services of Google in the following connections: Privacy Controls Google and Privacy Google partners.

      In case of blocking or deactivating the use of cookies in your navigator is possible that some services or functionalities of the webpage are not available.

      It remembers that you must form your preferences in all the devices that you use to sail by Internet.

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